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Do you need to get your carpets cleaned because they have become too soiled and stained? Do the wine and coffee stains on the carpet refuse to go away? If yes, you need to consider booking an appointment with Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide NOW! With substantial experience to our name, we are among the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Adelaide today. Indo Carpet Cleaning is a trusted cleaning service provider based out of Adelaide that renders professional and best in-class carpet cleaning services in Adelaide and its suburbs. Our operation hours are from 6am-10pm each day in the week that includes holidays.

Commercial Carpet CleaningServices We Provide.

Services offered by Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Repair

Rugs and Mats Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Mould Removal

Spot and Stain Removal

Odour Removal

End of Lease Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Flood Damaged Carpets

Leather & Upholstery Clean

What Can You Expect From Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

Carpet Analysis

In the initial step, the carpet fibre and make of the carpet are analyzed. This is an important step as it helps our team to determine the most appropriate cleaning technique and cleansing agent suitable to your carpet.

First Vacuum

Vacuuming cleaning is done to take off dry dust and soil particles from the carpet. Effective filtering and absorption of dust particle happens properly.


This stage is the encapsulation stage, where appropriate cleaning agents are applied to the carpet. Rotary agitation equipment then lift out dirt and hidden stains from the carpet.

Second Vacuum

A dry vacuum is then applied to take out any accumulated dirt that still remains as residue. Best results can be seen after a day of this step.

Why Choose Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides a host of valuable carpet cleaning services. We have listed a few reasons you must choose our services:

We provide customized services, and it is one of the additional benefits of opting for commercial carpet cleaning services.

Our technicians are absolutely punctual who follow rules and regulations thoroughly.

Our technicians are very hard-working and skilful. They are equipped to handle the latest tools and technologies. Our cleaning methods and techniques are designed according to the different carpet types and the pattern, fabric, and size to be cleaned.

We provide matchless commercial carpet Cleaning services.

We at Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide have a team of highly professional and experienced technicians who combine come with years of work experience.

Advantages Or Benefits

No Water is Used

The carpet is likely to get spoiled if washed with water and hence unadvisable to wash with water. Moreover, the carpet will take more time to dry as well. We at Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide utilize the encapsulation method that is useful for removing dust and stains.

Is Less Time-Consuming

When carpets are dry cleaned, they require less time to dry, and they can be laid out on the floor soon after. This process is highly appropriate for offices, shopping centres and departmental stores where the foot traffic is constant and hardly can be stopped for carpet cleaning. Even, at food joints and restaurants there is unceasing in and out of people, so it is always a better idea to user faster dry-cleaning process. So, a faster drying cleaning process is preferred.

Provides Deep Clean

The dry carpet cleaning does not just clean the surface of the carpets, but it conducts deep cleaning of the entire carpet. You will see a visible difference in the carpet. That is because of the counter-rotating brushes used in dry cleaning, dig out dirt from the carpet that gets settled in the fibres.

Improves Carpet Durability

Regular cleaning of carpets by way of steam cleaning or dry cleaning can help in not only maintaining the quality of the carpets but also their appearance. their quality and look to a great extent. You can choose Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide to get your carpet cleaned more efficiently.

Healthy and Beautiful Home

By opting to dry clean your rugs and carpets you automatically protect your household from occurrence of dust allergies, flu, respiratory disorders etc. Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide through their specialized cleaning equipment rids the allergens and dust particles hiding in the carpet. After a clean-up you are assured a clean carpet and a hygienic living environment. 

End of lease cleaning

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides end-of-lease cleaning services. So, even if it is an emergency clean up you need, we are there to cover them for you! We only make use of top-notch equipment including industrial-grade vacuums to keep your carpet in an excellent condition.  


Get in touch with the team at Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide and get a makeover for your carpets. By using our industrial expertise and rich experience in the commercial carpet cleaning sector, we provide outstanding results at affordable prices. That has helped maintain our record of 100% customer satisfaction.

We are at your service 24*7. To get a express booking on Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide, contact us on +61370388700. Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has a reputation for providing desired results with the help of its reliable and sanitary cleaning procedures.


1. How much does a carpet cleaning session cost?

The costs depend primarily on the make, model, and size of the carpet. You need to reach out on +61370388700 to our technical support team who would run you through the process and costing. And then you can get your carpets cleaned on the same day of booking!

2. Can I get my carpet cleaned today?

Yes, it is totally possible. However, you need to book an appointment first to confirm the availability of the technician.3.

3. Would you be able to take out the wine stains from my upholstery carpet?

Yes, that is completely possible. Our technicians need to know how old the stain is because that will determine the exact cleaning package you would be able to avail.

4. Do I have to clear the furniture before the technicians come home?

If there is any delicate or breakable furniture in your house, you can move it to a safer place beforehand. Usually, sofas, movable cabinets, teapoys, chairs are moved by our technicians before starting the cleaning process.

5. How much is the time taken by the cleaner to steam clean a carpet?

The procedure will take anywhere from 15 to 20 mins. However, setting up the machine, using it for steam cleaning and then packing it up also takes up time.

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