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Dust mites are dangerous because they are not visible to your naked eyes but can trigger major allergies and even asthma. Do not confuse it with bed bugs, as bed bugs destroy the furniture but these species can affect your health. These microscopic organisms make your carpets and mattress home and irritate you with allergies and skin issues. Having dust mites is the worst situation for both your health and overall hygiene of the surrounding.

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide helps you get out of this situation smoothly. We use safe and green solutions for removing the dust mites from your carpet and safeguard your health from these dangerous species. We provide professional dust mite cleaning services that remove all the dust mites from your carpet and make your place more hygienic and healthy. Connect with our professional staff and get rid of those dirty dust mites instantly.

Why Hire Us for Dust Mites Treatment in Adelaide

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has earned an industrial name for responsible services and transparency. There are many reasons why you should hire us for dust-mite cleaning. We are the best in the industry of carpet cleaning. Once you get connected with us, there is no going back. You will remember us for your every carpet cleaning needs. We help our customers to sustain the life of their carpets by regular cleaning and good maintenance. Here are some facilities we have:

Our cleaning professionals are hardworking, skilled and certified. These people work hard to provide you with instant cleaning services without wasting time.

Our dust mites treatment is safe and we use green solutions to clean your carpet.

We optimize high-tech advanced machines and tools for complete carpet cleaning and dust mite removal.

We are open 24/7 for emergency cases.

We offer high-quality services at a reasonable price.

We thrive to provide the best services of dust mite cleaning. You can rely on us for your safety and hygiene. We have made our services and booking system very convenient and easy for our customers. You can easily book our services by calling us at any hour of the day. You can also request a quote over a call. We can serve you according to your convenience and the time that suits you. So, hurry up, get fresh and cleaned carpets.

If you want to save your family member’s or colleagues, health, call us without hesitation. Dust mites can be more dangerous than just skin irritation and allergies. It can be an awful moment if someone else catches the allergies due to dust mites at your place. You can ask for a quote overcall. We have transparency in every service. We protect your carpets and flooring and ultimately your health from harmful dust mites. Call us right away and book our instant services.

Safe and the Best Dust Mites Treatment in Adelaide

Dust mites can lead to allergies, skin irritation, breathing issues and even Asthma. Dust mites have a substance called enzymes in their faeces. These substances cause skin irritation and other allergies. Dust mites may also cause sneezing, coughing, running nose, itchy throat, red and itchy skin, watery eyes or wheezing. To safeguard your health from these harmful tiny mites, we use safe and green products. We value our customer’s health and do everything to offer completely hygienic carpets and surroundings. After all, health is wealth. You must call us and make your surroundings clean and safe for everyone around you.

Same-day Dust Mite Cleaning Services

We understand that having dust mites at your place is not a fun game. The skin irritation, sneezing and running nose can make you terrified. To save you from all these hassles, we offer same-day dust mites treatment in Adelaide. It means you can get cleaned carpets within the same day of your service booking. Sometimes, you may have guests who discovered the allergies due to dust mites you may want to get rid of. The reason can be anything, you do not need to explain it. We understand the urgency of the situation and send an expert team to your doorsteps. Connect with our team, discuss the quotation and book the hassle-free dust mite cleaning services and get your carpets cleaned within a single day.


1. Why are dust mites harmful?

Dust mites can harm you in many ways. These species can lead to some dangerous health issues like allergies and asthma. Also, dust mites may cause sneezing, red or itchy eyes, itchy and irritating skin, red skin and other similar issues. It is better to get rid of dust mites immediately.

2. Does carpet catch dust mites?

Yes. All types of carpets and floorings trap dust mite allergens. The dust mites are fond of carpets and rugs. If your carpets are moisturized then they may give birth to dust mites. Keeping your carpet cleaned and dry may save you from this issue.

3. Is hiring professionals for dust-mite treatment worth?

Yes. Even if you go for DIY techniques, you may have a risk of allergies by dust mites. Therefore, hiring professionals is the best way to get rid of dust mites. Professional cleaners use green chemicals to kill dust mites and they have practical knowledge of the treatment. The use of machines and tools is also an add-on when you hire professionals for this work. Also, hiring professionals saves your time, money, energy and safeguards your health.

4. Which products kill dust mites?

Some products like Lysol can kill 90% of dust mites however, it may increase the risk of allergies due to dead dust mites. The better way is to hire professionals for a complete dust mite treatment.

5. Can you clean my commercial site’s carpet’s dust mite infestation?

Yes. No matter the size and type of carpet or mattress, we can get rid of dust mites by using our latest techniques, safe products and high-tech machines. We have certified cleaners to do this job.

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