Instant Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are the soul of your flooring. Once the carpets get dirty, they may give birth to many more issues. Carpets can easily get damaged by floodwater, overflow of the bathtub, toilet, washing machine or dishwasher, stains, mould and so on. The reason can be anything but to make your carpets fresh and hygienic, you want a reliable company that provides the best carpet hot water extraction services.

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a company with an excellent team of hot water extraction carpet cleaners and high-tech machines. The sheer professionalism of our services always keeps us on top of people’s choices even in emergencies. We restore the carpets from water and flood damage too. We understand that carpets are like life-long investments. Once you get a carpet, you must not replace it at least for 15 to 20 years. However, some elements or emergencies may damage or ruin the beautiful look of your carpet. In these cases, you do not need to replace the carpet. You can call us for top services of carpet cleaning and restoration.

Hot Water ExtractionWe use the most versatile and modern equipment as well as tools for cleaning your carpets. Carpet hot water extraction is one of our best techniques suitable for all types of carpets. The technique not only cleans the carpets and removes the dirt particles but also makes them hygienic and germ-free. Connect with our fabulous team right now and save your carpet from damages and dirt.

Why Choose Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide for Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has been working as the top cleaning services in Adelaide for several years. Our experience and expertise give the customer 100% surety and security. Our technicians are highly skilled and prompt when it comes to carpet cleaning. We are proud to say that we provide satisfactory services to our customers. Once you book our services, you will always call us for your carpet’s maintenance. No matter the condition of your carpet and the damage, our professionals know the best techniques to restore the carpet water damage. Here are some points that will make your choice more clear:

24/7 availability for customer support and on-site carpet cleaning

Use of high-tech machines and advanced techniques

A team of the best hot water extraction carpet cleaners

Trained, skilled and experienced professionals

Same-day hot water extraction carpet cleaning

Emergency carpet restoration and cleaning services

Use of safe and green cleaning solvents

Quality carpet cleaning at an affordable range

So, whenever you are in an emergency or need to get rid of tough stains from your carpet, take quick action and call us immediately. Our professionals are hardworking and very prompt. You can count on us even in the worst situation. Cleaning the carpets is our aim.

Connect With Our Team

Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has a professional yet friendly and polite team. You can call us at any hour and ask whatever pops in your mind about curtain cleaning services. Book our services right away.

How Does Carpet Hot Water Extraction Work?

To safeguard your carpet from mould, bacteria, wear and tear, hot water extraction is the best method. The technicians use a powerful vacuum to extract the water from your carpet and avoid moisture damages.  Also, we prevent the stains from grey or black water. By hot water extraction and antimicrobial treatment,  we save your carpet from the growth of mould, bacterias and germs. After deodorization of the carpet, we dry clean it and sanitize it to avoid any harmful germs.

The hot water extraction technique is the best when there is water damage. The damage can be caused by hot water unit leak or burst, water bathtub flow, blocked drains or sinks, burst pipes, roof leakage, sewage damages, washing machine overflow, heavy rainwater, flood or dishwasher leakage. In the factories and industrial sites, the reason behind water damages can be anything. However, even in these worst situations, you can rely on us. We serve both commercial and residential sites for complete carpet cleaning.

Emergency Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Emergencies like a flood, heavy rain and water outburst can damage your property. At this time, you need to take quick action and call us. We send an expert team to your site and the team reaches you within an hour of the booking. We work all day long and are always available in emergency cases. We provide 24/7 emergency services because we understand the value of your carpet and the urgency of the situation. You can call us on any days of the week, we are open on public holidays too. We aim to save your property from water damages as soon as possible. No matter if the damage occurs in your office, home or factory, we can clean all types and sizes of carpets without complications. Our years of experience has taught us to be prompt and accurate when it comes to emergency carpet cleaning service


1. How much time does a wet carpet take to dry?

A wet carpet takes around 7 to 12 hours to dry completely. However, you should not wait for the carpet to dry itself.

2. Is carpet hot water extraction technique safe?

Yes. The carpet hot water extraction technique removes the dirt as well as harmful bacterias and makes your carpet fresh, long-lasting and hygienic without any damage.

3. Will there be moisture in the carpet after hot water extraction carpet cleaning?

No. Our technicians are experts in hot water extraction carpet cleaning. We extract the water and they won’t be even a trace of moisture or dampness on your carpet.

4. Are your hot water extraction carpet cleaners certified for this task?

Yes. Our professional cleaners are certified, trained and licensed for hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

5. Is the hot water extraction process best for my old carpet?

Yes. Your old carpet is completely safe for this process of carpet cleaning.

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