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There are numerous disastrous occasions reported when people are tricked by fake carpet cleaning agencies who deceive as certified cleaners engaged with authentic companies. They advertise their so-called services at an absurdly less sum of money for the cleaning, but in truth, they demand a lot of money for doing an untidy job. These devious people also allege providing wide-ranging residential carpet cleaning services. If you are a resident of Athol Park and in need of these services you need to ignore such advertisements of such deceitful people tricking clients of their money. It is wise to always take assistance of professional and authentic carpet cleaning companies that are functioning in the industry from multiple decades and providing clients with effectual cleaning services at reasonable rates. Connect with our customer care staff for an appointment for cleaning of your residential carpets in no time.

Services provided by Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

  • Same Day Carpet Cleaning
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Dust Mite Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Mould Removal
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Carpet Odour Removal
  • End of Lease Carpet Cleaning
  • Rugs and Mats Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Flood Damaged Carpets Restoration
  • Leather & Upholstery Clean

Why should you Choose Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

The Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide residential carpet cleaning team performs a deep inspection both before and after cleaning the carpets. This helps them to determine the kind of cleaning technique that would be suitable to different houses and residences. There is a capable team in place for residential carpet cleaning Athol Park that is accessible on days of the including Sundays and any public holidays. Therefore you have the liberty to decide even the time and day of your cleaning appointment. Our residential carpet cleaning services has been the most preferred among our customers for various reasons:

  • Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is an indigenous carpet cleaning company. Our company has all requisite licenses, insurance and paperwork.
  • Our carpet cleaning services are obtainable as per the convenience of the customers as our carpet cleaning staff functions day and night as well as on public holidays and weekends.
  • The carpet cleaning schedules will be decided only on your personal disposal.
  • Our carpet cleaning service rates are super pocket-friendly.
  • Our cleaning staff pays great and focussed attention to the requests and requirements placed by our clients.
  • We have thousands of satisfied customers who have opted for our residential carpet cleaning in Athol Park and surrounding areas.
  • We only use organic and mild cleaning products for all our carpet cleaning tasks.
  • Our cleaning techniques and methods are in compliance with safety and hygiene standards laid down by Australian government.
  • Our carpet cleaning services would not cause any harm to the safety and health of your pets and babies if any.
  • To get an express quote from us alongside other specifics on the carpet cleaning service that you need give us a call fast.


1. Can a residential carpet cleaning service do any good to my carpet to eliminate beverage stains from my carpet?
Our carpet cleaning staff is skilled to remove all these dogged stains with the use of specialised formulations and experience. On examination they would tell you if the stains are removable or permanent and the probable alternatives that can be used in their effective removal.

2. Are your carpet cleaning products dangerous to my little pets or children?

The Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide carpet cleaners are trained to use GREEN certified cleaning products. Our specialists are knowledgeable in usage and quantities of the cleaning products. Our cleaning products are not dangerous to the children or pets in your house. But it is better to keep your pets and children in a different room so that they do not cause any hindrance in the cleaning procedure.

3. What needs to be done for maintenance of carpets after professional cleaning has been done?

You need to do regular maintenance of carpets with vacuuming once a week. It is also suggested to get residential carpet cleaning in Athol Park twice in a year.

4. What is the time period the carpet would require for drying out completely?

The carpet takes any time between 3-8 hours to dry out fully. Drying of the carpets also is determined by the indoor temperature and even the on-going weather along with the material and dimensions of the carpet.

5. Is it necessary for me to run the vacuum on the carpet before your experts reach my house?

Some carpet cleaning services necessitate pre-vacuuming. You can either vacuum the carpet yourself before our team arrives or you can pay extra amount to our team for the vacuuming. Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide cleaning technicians are trained to operate efficient commercial vacuum cleaning equipment that assure finest cleaning outcomes.

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