Residential Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide


There are many unfortunate instances reported when people are duped by fly by night cleaners who masquerade as certified cleaners employed with legitimate companies. They claim to charge a ridiculously measly amount of money for the cleaning, but in reality, they charge exorbitant rates for doing a shabby job. These shady people claim to provide complete residential carpet cleaning services. If you stay in Adelaide, then you need to steer clear of such dishonest people duping customers of their hard-earned money. It is advisable to opt for services of professional companies that are in the industry from many years and provide their effective services at affordable price.

Residential Carpet Cleaning AdelaideBenefits of Residential Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Cleaning creates major relief for your family members that suffer from Asthma and respiratory allergies.

You ensure cleaner carpets for your infants and toddlers in the house who tend to put anything they lay their hands on the first thing in their mouths!

The overall security in the home is ensured too by carpet cleaning procedures. Professional carpet cleaning can help alleviate the dust and dirt that collects in the carpets and also improve indoor air quality.

For those who have pets in their house, the carpet cleaning procedure also removes any old odour and spots left by way of urine by your pets.

Carpet cleaning eliminates dead skin cells, and the hair shed by your pets. As they are major allergens and contributors for respiratory disorders in humans. Professional cleaning ensures the particles do not recirculate in the air.

Carpets that withstand flood damage are likelier to have dust mites and mold growing inside them.

Dust mites that grow on carpets and thrive on dead human skin cells worsen conditions like sinus, rhinitis and allergies can be kept away with regular carpet cleaning.

Services We Provide

Services offered by Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide are:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Pet and Urine Treatment

Leather Cleaning

Upholstery &Lounge Cleaning

Flood Damage Restoration

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rug & Mattress Cleaning

Pest Control Services

Why Choose Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

These are the reasons why you should trust Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide for your residential carpet cleaning needs:

We give you an affordable quote that gives you complete value-for-your money. We have no hidden charges. Our technicians do not resort to such fraudulent gimmicks just to make a few more bucks.

We at Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide offer you our clients a Carpet Cleaning Guarantee which means if you are not satisfied with our service. We can fix that till we have done the job to your satisfaction.

Our technicians are sticklers of the rules! They are very punctual and our present for their jobs on time or at times even before time!

Our technicians are proficient, hardworking and perform their carpet cleaning job to the best of their abilities.

Our technicians provide you with a detailed assessment and solutions required to repair and clean your carpets and rugs.


Contact Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide on +61370388700 for a express booking for cleaning of your upholstery and furnishings. We exceed customer expectations with our world-class services.


1. Can a carpet cleaning service help remove coffee stains and pet urine stains from my carpet?

Our technicians are trained to treat all such stubborn stains with the help of professional formulas and a little skill. They will usually let you know if these stains are permanent and possible options that can be opted to help remove them.

2. Are the cleaning products used to clean carpets harmful to pets or children?

We at Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide have GREEN certified cleaning solutions. Our technicians are well-versed in making use of the cleaning solutions in a proportion least harmful to the children and pets in your house. But it is advisable to keep your children and pets away from the site of cleaning for their own safety.

3. How Should I Maintain My Carpets After Professional Cleaning?

Many people make the mistake of vacuuming too quickly without allowing the cleaning device to suction out the dust and dirt completely. It is recommended to get house carpet cleaning in Adelaide every six to twelve months.

4. How long does the carpet take to dry?

The carpet takes anywhere from 2 to 8 hours to dry. Drying of the carpets depends on the day temperature inside and outside the house, besides the size of the carpet and make of the carpet.

5. Do I have to vacuum the carpet before your technicians arrive?

Some specific services opted for require pre-vacuuming. So, either you can do the vacuuming on your own beforehand or from our technicians at an additional cost. We at Indo Carpet Cleaning Adelaide make use of high-powered commercial vacuum cleaners that guarantee best cleaning results.

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